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Key success factors for e-commerce logistics providers in Finland

Modern warehouse facilities are crucial for e-commerce logistics providers.

YunExpress Finland

Advanced digital infrastructure and a friendly business climate make Finland an interesting location for e-commerce logistics providers. But success requires collaboration and localised services, writes Liping Fu, general manager of YunExpress Finland.

Finland has enormous potential in the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry, which means a fascinating opportunity for new entries. Due to its outstanding internet penetration rate, Finland ranks top in the European Commission´s 2021 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). This means that the country is considered the most mature digital economy in the EU. Online shopping is widespread in the Nordics, yet research reveals that there is still growth potential in this sector.

Besides the advanced digital infrastructure, the Finnish business climate is very friendly to foreign companies due to its open and inclusive entrepreneurial atmosphere. Furthermore, the support and attention provided by local institutions, including Business Finland and Helsinki Business Hub (now Helsinki Partners), undoubtedly play an important role in international enterprises setting up operations in Finland.

These factors, combined with the opportunities offered by the region’s growing e-commerce market, make expanding to the Nordics a strategically wise decision for a cross-border logistics provider.

“Widespread in the Nordics, yet research reveals that there is still growth potential in this sector.”

Still, success on the market doesn’t come automatically. To build a growing business, a foreign logistics company entering the Finnish market should make continuous and proactive efforts towards localisation. This means collaborating with local business partners – such as Finland’s main postal service Posti Group – to create seamless cross-border logistics services and stand out in the competitive e-commerce logistics sector. Having a supportive local network will facilitate international companies’ growth within the industry in a mutually beneficial way.

A diverse team and knowledge of the Finnish language are also important for foreign enterprises in Finland to better serve the local market. A localised team that includes Finnish employees helps a company to get more deeply involved in the local community.

Modern warehouse facilities are crucial for e-commerce logistics providers. Image: YunExpress Finland

To summarise, localised services and good relationships with Finnish e-commerce platforms and logistics partners are key to serving the local market in a reliable and cost-efficient way. And not only the local market. Collaborative networks make it possible to distribute Finnish products across the Nordics, Europe and beyond.

Liping-Rachel Fu
General Manager, YunExpress Finland